Tuesday, April 7, 2020  

Customer Login

Click here to log in to your Stillwater Milling Company account.
NOTES:  The first time you log in, you must first set up your account for internet access.
Click "First time signon" 

"Account ID" is your account or customer number that can be found on your Stillwater Milling Company statement or invoice.
"Password" may be anything you choose, at least 4 characters and no longer than 10 characters.  You may not use spaces or any characters other than numbers and letters.
"Federal Tax ID - last 4" - The last four digits of your social security number (NOT Farm Tax Exemption Number).  If we do not have your social security number on file, please call for assistance. 
"E-mail Address" Make sure you use the appropriate symbols where needed.  For example, johndoe@myfarm.com. 
If you have questions or problems, please call or email
Kiersten Houser
Stillwater Milling Company
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