Thursday, July 20, 2017  

New Agri-Center

New Agri-Center Building Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that our Stillwater location will be getting a new Agri-Center building! The new building is coming along quite nicely! Be sure to stop by the Agri-Center and take a look at the new store as you drive by! We look forward to providing our customers with 18,000 square feet of merchandise and shopping. Our new building will have larger departments, updated fixtures and more! We have already started construction on the building and expect it to be finished this fall. Watch our website and Facebook page for updates and info!

Monthly Feed Highlight

A&M 14% Special Creeper Pellets

The 14% Creeper Pellets is our most popular creeper pellet. This is an all purpose, high energy, low fiber ration and is fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals. This combination of ingredients will allow calves to reach their maximum growth potential. A&M 14% Creep is an excellent beef cattle growing and developing ration.

Availability varies by location.


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