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Upcoming Events

'Stock Your Box'
Show Supply Sale


When: February 6th & 7th
Where: Davis & Perry Agri-Centers
Information: All Sullivan and Weaver show supply products will be 10% off for two days only!


Customer Information


Our recent software updates allow our customers access to view their invoices, grain information and statements online.
Click on the "Customer Login" link to set up or access your account.
NOTICE - You can now have a copy of your signed invoices emailed to you automatically upon purchase. 
Emailing monthly statements is a possiblity in the future - please let us know if you are interested in either of these features! 
For information and to sign up - please 
click here to email or call Teri at 800-364-6804.

Monthly Feed Highlight

A&M 14% Special Creeper Pellets


The 14% Creeper Pellets is our most popular creeper pellet. This is an all purpose, high energy, low fiber ration and is fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals. This combination of ingredients will allow calves to reach their maximum growth potential. A&M 14% Creep is an excellent beef cattle growing and developing ration. 

Available in 5/32" or 3/8" pellets, or 3/4" cubes; sacked or bulk.


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